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Introducing a new, limited-time offer for eligible members: up to $50,000 in life insurance by answering a few questions.

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Life insurance is for your loved ones, to help them out with things like funeral costs, lost income, living expenses and debts.

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Your policy, your coverage, your peace of mind – they’re yours to keep whether or not you stay at you stay protected regardless of your employment or health status.

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If you're an active member with , under 65 years old, and are a resident of Canada you may be eligible for Parachute Insurance.

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Instant activation. Digital in every way. Parachute Insurance delivers simple and carefully designed policies in 10 minutes or less. Choose the plan that’s right for you.

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Protect those that matter most by adding spousal and child coverage to your policy. You can activate it now or within 60 days of getting married or welcoming a new child.

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You got us! We tried to get rid of it all but it just wouldn’t be insurance without a little fine print. On the plus side, we promise to keep it to a minimum and as easy to understand as possible.